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I got their latest Fall Colors on a Saturday. The next day I found a dining table advertised for $469. Went to the item on their website, it was $569. Contacted customer service who replied: "I was able to find the table this is currently in our catalog for $469.00, to view it click here." Go figure, I get a product not found error, to which I responded and was then given a two page response of how to clear my browser. Seriously? The... Read more

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Please, please, please fire the marketing team. Come on guys, the same *** commercials, over and over again! I don't care if free shipping is a game changer or if someones wife looks at her husband and he's dancing and smiling cause he was caught, who cares, its annoying. Even the commercials before these two. Some girl dancing with her pillow in the backyard. Annoying folks!!! I DON'T CARE TO SHOP WITH WAYFAIR BECAUSE OF THOSE ***... Read more

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  • Aug 18
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Bought dining set. Table was severely scratched. Replacement table had a hole in the middle. Received confirmation email for 3rd order and service said front door drop off no signature required. I paid for assembly and set up in room. Ugh! This purchase was over $1,000. Never again!

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so i order several pieces of furniture - 3 days later i get an email stating the order has been canceled and credit card is being refunded - they reason given was "the engineers entered the wrong prices on the website." i go back to view the web pages and they are still being sold for the price i wanted to pay. I called customer service - what a joke. very rude, very argumentative, very sarcastic. i just said thanks for nothing - you just... Read more

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I ordered two sets of drapes in white then decided I wanted them fuller so I called customer service and placed another order exactly what I had just ordered. Received a totally different color than I had originally ordered. Called customer service and they tell me to ship them back at $37. That's half what I paid for them and it was their error, not mine. Would not budge on the return shipping fee. I won't be ordering again! Read more

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I'm a fairly new customer to Wayfair I should say a former customer.... I have ordered a coffee pot... yes indeed a merely $38 coffee pot... I had no problem with the order nor did I have a problem with the price of the item... My nightmare began with delivery company Federal Express.... Apparently Federal Express does not care how your packages delivered to you unless you pay premium fees for the delivery of you package... ( which cost you ... Read more

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I placed an order for four items. One of the items was cancelled from my order. I received an email the day they shipped the other three items stating one of my items had been cancelled. I contacted Wayfair and was told I would have to place a new order. I pointed out that the new order would cost an additional $5 to ship. They offered me $2 off the item. I pointed out that it was their mistake so they agreed to make a "one time exception"... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 12
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Worse experience I had with waifair. Everything false. I ordered cotton candy machine and they estimated on July 22 but I received on July 27. I returned item. Just the day I got it. They received it but until now they didn't money back. This is a worse online experience in my life. DONT buy anything from this (....) website or you 're gonna have a big disappointment.

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I order an gazebo on Wayfair and was offered 0% interest for 12 months if I applied and was approved for WayFair Credit Card. I applied and was approved. Interest on first statement reflect 27.24%, no introductory period. 1st and 2nd calls to Wayfair CS led to open disputes, 5 months later, interest charge still in on account. Customer Service rep says I chose a $40.00 off price option instead of the 0% for 12 months (ludicrous). A new dispute... Read more

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I ordered from them twice. The first time, my item was delivered weeks after they said it was to be delivered. This time I have a contractor waiting on this item, it is no where to be seen. The delivery date was suppose to be a week ago. They can't even tell me when it can be put on a truck. Pathetic. I can assure them, I will never be ordering from them again. I had to call multiple times and ask for multiple supervisors, which are all... Read more

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