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BED BUGS!!! Please do your research before purchasing any bedding from Wayfair!

There are reviews upon reviews about their cloth bed frames and BED BUGS!! I certainly wish I had done mine. The eggs take about 100 for a person to actually realize there is an infestation! I am an extremely clean and borderline OCD person so imagine my surprise to discover the bites I started getting wasn’t an allergic reaction to a possibly change of detergent or a rare reaction to a mosquito bite!

My husband started experiencing the same type of bumps but on his arm. We have literally spent the past 48 hours tearing this entire house apart; all clothing, towels, blankets, anything of that nature we had to treat at the laundry mat, pulling entire rooms apart spraying scrubbing steaming vacuuming crying sweating all the while with that pit in your stomach to realize what has actually happened in your home! We’ve trashed our bed our couches our pillows for our bed and couches, rugs, and clothing we decided we could do without. We’ve lost our entire weekend cleaning a problem that I feel we could have prevented had I researched ordering from here a little deeper!

I’m tired! I’m stressed, I’m talking $300 easy to clean up and repair this disaster! So, please please take heed my warning! The beds look nice, and the prices are reasonable but after paying to destroy my own home over the last 2 days it puts this all into perspective.

Not only am I exhausted I’m traumatized, every speck I see I’m doing double take...

I’m not comfortable to sleep in my own room, it’s a huge financial burden a huge time burden but emotionally as well, which is the worst out of it all! DO NOT GET BEDDING FROM HERE, ITS BEEN A HUGE NIGHTMARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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