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Run from these people.I had been looking at a rug on their site, but could not afford it.I saw one of their pop up ads, and checked and it was greatly reduced.

Was so excited.

I even checked several times before ordering to make sure it was not a temporary glitch. The price stayed the same for several days. They charged my credit card, and then I started getting weird messages on my order status.Customer service people were nice via email, but kept saying they would get back to me and that the warehouse could not tell them anything. No information.

10 days later, I finally pinned them down and asked if they were really going to ship my rug.THEN I got a form letter saying they had made a mistake on the price and they would not sell it to me. They offered a nothing discount, but did not offer to sell it for half off or anything reasonable. I was a realtor for many years. I can just imagine had I written a contract for a house, and then come back and said...".nope , you only get the house if you pay much more.

We made a mistake in the pricing" (which I don't even believe) I wonder how many people got drawn into this scam. I read that others have had similar experiences with other products.

Worst online experience I have ever had, and I spend thousands a year shopping. No one I have dealt with is this unethical.Beware.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I too had an order charged and later canceled claiming that the item was out of stock which it isn't . When asking to speak to a manager he said "I don't have time for this, the item was priced wrong, we aren't honoring the error and that's that".

I have contacted the BBB.


They cancelled my order. I used a coupon code that was accepted.

My credit card was charged. They sent me an email telling me my order was cancelled because if an incorrect coupon code!


Same thing with me. And they emailed me the back ordered item then after they charged my credit card two days later canceled the order after sending me shipping info saying a pricing error.

It took over a week to have my account credited. Stay away from them.


It sounds to me like you were trying to take advantage of a "too good to be true" situation. Everyone is human, and human error exists... sounds like you like to take advantage of that.


Are you from Wayfair? Other online complaints have been about the same situation that buyers experienced.

Maybe I'm naïve, but I thought maybe it was a fabulous closeout deal. I eventually bought the same rug from another online supplier for much,much less than Wayfair wanted to charge me. That has never happened to me with other online stores.If they accept an order, the price never changes.

No"mistakes",delayed shipping, stringing me along for almost 2 weeks.

You actually accuse me of wanting to take advantage of THEM?



There are great deals offered every day, to say you were trying to take advantage? Well excuse the consumer for tying to get a good price, we all should pay whatever is asked of us without question.

There shouldn't be any consequences for selling a product (which is a commitment) then canceling the order because they decided it wasn't enough. Sounds fair to me!


Are you serious?!?! Of course she took advantage of a GREAT deal.

If you are in Walmart and something is marked wrong then they have to sell it to you for that price. Why should this be any different for Wayfair? Are we supposed to email them first and ask if a price is too good to be true? Use your head sir.

The average consumer doesn't have time to track down a correct price.

You shop on wayfair because they advertise that they sell their items at a discounted price. You comment was not needed nor warranted.