Buffalo, New York

I ordered a $500 item on 7/1/13 for a benefit on 8/3/13 - web site says 1-2 wks to ship (free shipping). 7/15 said it would ship 7/22.

7/22 said it would ship 7/27. Called on 7/22 and they said that it would definitely ship 7/27. Didnt ship until 7/29 and would not be here in time. Their suggestion - pay $116 and we'll make sure you get it in time.

You have the product to ship to me if I pay but cant ship the exact same product w/in the time frame promised for free????

Web site still shows 1-2 weeks out. Scam.....

Monetary Loss: $116.

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Trying to locate the information for a return. Cannot find it!


every item ordered had to be returned extremely poor quality. I am done with wayfair.shipping dates were ok but merchandise is awful.


I had the SAME issue. They advertise things like "shipped same day" & don't live up to *** sumer expectayions.

So don't advertise it!!

Hey wayfair here's a tip. Customer get pissed off if you over promise and don't deliver.

In contrast, if you just said shipped within 5 business days = set realistic expectations = happy customer. STOP FALSE ADVERTISING


Similar thing happened to me. They sent a computer generated e mail saying how sorry they were for the delay.

I suspect that they run free shipping promotions and then fill the orders when the backlog is soft.

I cancelled my order and will not order from them again. They're not a serious company.