I contacted Wayfair.com on August 10th of this year and informed them someone made a purchase on their website for $299.00 using my debit card information. I had already reported my card information stolen to my bank at this point and they cancelled the card.

The customer service representative was able to find the purchase using the now cancel debit card number. I asked if she could please report the fraud and stop the charge and delivery of the item. She stated to me that since the charge was still pending and the item had not been sent yet it could be done. She stated even if the item had been sent they could re route it.

The person who stole my information placed the order at 9am and I contacted Wayfair at 2pm the same day. I asked her if she wanted my phone number to contact me and she said it wasn't needed since I had confirmed my information and that it was in fact fraud. On August 12th i noticed that the charge for $299.00 was allowed to post. I called my bank and they told me their hands were tied because Wayfair had choosen not to do anything about it.

My bank representative said some companies recognize they made a mistake by not taking action when they were advised of the fraud and others don't care as long as they get paid. I called Wayfair again and spoke to a representative. She said the charge was posted and the items was delivered to the person who STOLE my information. I asked her why when I called just hours after they placed the order and had all of the information on hand to prove it was stolen.

She said she didn't know why and there was nothing she could do and no one i could talk to. I have told everyone I know and as many people as I can to never make a purchase from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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THIS JUST HAPPENED TO ME! Took me a few days, I don't check my account daily but I saw money missing along w/ a wayfair charge.

I called and explained, they emailed me a RMA to return the stuff. I never even bought anything from them before.


Same thing just happened. My credit card was used to purchase over $1000 worth of goods from Wayfair. (and it wasn't me).

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