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TLDR: Wayfair lost my dresser TWICE and blamed it on their 3rd parties – I had to call 4-5 times and it was delivered almost 2 months late. Terrible customer service the whole way through.

I would like to start by saying this will be long, as I’ve never had so many issues with one single company before. I never even write reviews. This was my first time using Wayfair – I had heard good things about the company and was interested in their option for free delivery of furniture, as I had just moved. I ordered two dressers in August and the confirmation came saying they would be delivered Sept. 20-25. As I continued to track the shipment over the next few weeks, I noticed that one of the dressers was delayed and it said Wayfair was working to fix it. Firstly no one even informed me of this, I only noticed when I looked it up.

I called Wayfair to find out what was wrong. The woman who answered looked up my order and told me that since Wayfair uses a 3rd party freight service, she didn’t know anything about the status of the order, and told me she would maybe be able to contact their freight team and find out for me. I let her know that I wanted to hold the first dresser until we found the second so they could be delivered at the same time. She told me she would request this, and never called me back. The delivery team, which is yet another 3rd party to Wayfair called me days later and told me my first dresser was coming in two days, and they had no note requesting they hold it. So I thought ok whatever they can deliver that one, but someone needs to tell me where the second one is. They told me they do not handle that, and I would need to speak with Wayfair. The first dresser was delivered – it had a very small damage to the corner, but I didn’t want to risk sending it back over something so small.

I called Wayfair again to follow up. This time a man answered and looked up the order for me. He started blaming the 3rd party freight service – and I told him I would hold and wait while he called them to get me more information. After he spoke with them, he informed me that the dresser was lost and they were looking for it because they weren’t sure where it was. He then (and this is no joke) gave me a 25 minute explanation on the history of freight services in an effort to explain that the industry has logistical issues – at no point during this time did anyone from Wayfair take responsibility for losing the dresser - it was simply the 3rd party’s fault. He then told me I should call again, because it would look bad if they had on record that I kept calling and they would pay more attention to my issue – again no joke.

I called again days later, and the woman told me they had found the dresser, it would be delivered next week, and the delivery team would call to let me know. When I didn’t hear from them, I called again. This time they escalated me to a ‘Delivery Specialist’ (why wasn’t this done weeks before?). He told me they had again lost the dresser and could either cancel and refund the order or request a new one that would be delivered in November. At this point I was fuming – this was literally the least professional company I had ever dealt with. I work in customer service, and I am normally sensitive to how difficult that job can be but this was just ridiculous. I told him I already had the matching dresser, and could not cancel the order but I would need it earlier. He gave me $100 off and told me he couldn’t do anything else about the delivery, except he would keep an eye on it. I was still living out of bags in my new apartment because I was missing this dresser.

My dresser finally came today – almost 2 months late. The delivery team guarantees a 30 minute courtesy call to notify you they’re close. They never called me, and literally dropped the box off (upside down) inside my door and left. This is by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. I don’t care if you work with 3rd parties, that’s not my concern. I purchased the item from Wayfair, and it is their responsibility to get it from point A to B – it’s not my concern that they have issues within their company. I will never order another item from Wayfair again. The shipping may be free, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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