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I got approved for a $1500 credit limit with WayFair one year ago exactly. I was on a 12 month 0% financing deal and everything was going well until last month, I missed the payment by a few days.

It was the holidays, I didn't think anything of it because 1) this was my first late payment since I've had the card, and 2) I'm still under the 0% financing and had planned to pay off before the deadline. When I go to make the payment (2 weeks after the due date), my credit limit had decreased to $630! I was beyond shocked. As someone who's had several credit cards the past 18 years and currently has 10 of them (not the norm), i have NEVER had this happen.

So I call them to get an understanding of this and the rep is uncertain but states when I make the payment I can request my line to be reinstated. Okay great, problem solved or so I thought. I end up making the full payment before the deal ends and I request the credit line increase as mentioned by the rep. Mind you, I'm at a zero balance at this point.

Not only do they not increase my credit line back, but they reduce it even further from $630 to $100!!! I could not believe it! I have never been more upset about something I feel is so trivial.

If they don't give an explanation within the next week, I am definitely planning to close my account. I'd rather take the hit on my credit than to have an untrustworthy company to do business with like them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I have been with Wayfair for 9 months. I purchased several items and paid my card off each month.

I never had a late payment. I have 7 other credit cards from 5K limit down. Which all have never been late and have a 0 balance each month. Though my credit is good my scores are still low due to the inquiries from opening a business this past year.

Wayfair reduced my credit limit to 100.00 which is very upsetting.

I cannot feel comfortable now to do business with a company who does not trust me when I have shown nothing but perfect payments back to them. Sad they go off of a score and not off of your true credit report history.




Same had credit almost 3 years hardly used it, was excitec bc my bill was almost paid off and i get a notice they decrease my limit 100 00 ok no biggie right? Wrong they decreased it to 100.00 like wtf you can't buy anything for a hundred.

I had student loans i been fighting with for deferring and now they are deferred they wony givd my credit back. I closed acc ***


They have done the same to me and I have not ever been late with them in the 3 years+ I have had this CC open! So frustrating!!


Yep. And I wish I could say they've gotten better but they haven't.

I've had several issues since then. It's really not even worth the headache anymore and if I wasn't looking to buy a house next year, I would definitely close it.


omg, I really don’t know what to say but I thought they always had Like 3-5 Days grace periods after the due date for you to Make Your Pmts, I Guess Best options it’s Always Do What We Do it’s Set Up The Monthly Auto Pmts Just With The Requires Every Month, That Way At Least The Minimum Payment Will Be There On Time, Then if You Wanted To Pay Off More You Go In By Log Inn Your Account Yourself and Pay Wherever Amount You Need too THATS What My Husband and I Do With Our Accounts’s s So We Won’t Miss Any Payment’s For Any Reason Or Circunstancias We Might Be Ruannig.Good Luck and God Bless.


Yeah I used to do that but I love paying early if I can and I but myself in the butt one time and paid a $300 bill and tried to cancel the auto payment but they said it would still go through because it was too close to the due date so that's when I stopped autopays. I just couldn't believe all of that stemmed from one payment that was not even a full month late.