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Coupon code was entered for an item being purchase.

Their billing system accepted code and order - no issues whatsoever.

The next day I get an email stating the coupon code was invalid (what? their system accepted it!) and that the order was being canceled.

Of course you cannot purchase anything without creating an account with an email address on this site - so now they have an account with my mailing address and email address. What's the chance of getting that deleted now, huh?

I have yet to receive an explanation of how a coupon code ACCEPTED BY THEIR SYSTEM can be an "invalid code"...

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I had ordered, again with a coupon code and order went through only to receive an email later that code was invalid and my order has been canceled. The thing that irritates me the most is I responded to the email that my order was canceled and nothing!!!

Yet my family had the exact same thing happened. Received an email stating they would personally re do their order.

What horrible customer service!! Will never use and would never recommend this company to anyone!