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I have been looking at a dining table on their website for quite some time. I finally decided to apply for their credit card which said 12 months free financing if paid in full. The table was on sale for $531. I did their online credit app and it was quick and easy and I got approved for $500. I go to checkout and clicked on paying with another card, I was going to use another card to pay the difference. A window popped up and said I had to contact customer service. Annoyed, I called and explained what I was trying to do and was told Wayfair doesn't allow their credit card to be charged along with another card. Though was reassured I could charge the entire order on another credit card if I wanted. Talk about being pissed off, I was way beyond it. I told the rep I wish I had known that before applying for their dumb credit card, and that no where in checkout or in fine print of applying had stated that!!! I am SO upset and angry with this company.

I then tried to call the company again to just contact a rep and leave feedback, their *** company only allows you to talk to someone about a previous purchase or one you're trying to purchase now!!

I let myself cool down and decided to purchase a gift card (Which has set prices you can't even choose your own amount) so I could use that as the difference. It has been an hour since I ordered the giftcard and had it sent through email and STILL haven't received the e-gift card. I am SOSOSSOSOOO upset.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Wayfair Pros: Product.

Wayfair Cons: Credit card, Customer service, Company.

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Don't get there credit card there say no interest for 12 months. Then when I got my bill I got charged interest.

I called and they said promotion over with all throw there still saying online no interest I got 12 months no interest but getting interest charge. Called again they told me just pay it off to avoid interest scam alert don't get there card.




Calm down. Talk about first world problems, jeez.


I hear ya...however ,was looking to see if they honored the 12 months no interest ...now I'm glad I read the rants you never know what to expect from these retailers who hide behind websites.


What's wrong is wrong. Period.

We're talking about what's wrong with the world!! People treating people wrong. Dishonesty. Bad business practices.

It's everywhere !! These people don't deserve their CS jobs.

Wayfair ads on TV don't match with what is reality. Period.


As others have said, I know many companies that don't allow splitting payment onto two or more cards.More importantly, Wayfair credit is like any other line of credit. For people who have little or no credit history it's great for increasing your credit score.

"Credit utilization" greatly impacts your credit score. That's why you should never max out any line of credit. It looks irresponsible. Your credit limit was $500 and you chose to purchase something over that limit.

Why? If you're credit was "good" or even "fair," you're initial credit limit would have been more than $500.

Since it wasn't, you need to establish good credit history by purchasing something and making timely payments. By doing this, I guarantee your credit limit would increase in a short time.


This really isn't the fault of the Wayfair because this is common online practice, and nowhere do you find other merchants making that statement. Only offline or sometimes some places you can place an order by telephone where an employee may be able to process more than 1 credit card, but this generally is not common by phone for purchases off a store's website.

Same with Amazon; as you figured out, the way to do this is to use that other credit card to buy a gift certificate and then apply the gift certificate. To blame this on Wayfair is just not fair, and to chew out the people because of this really isn't right.

Just because we can't get what we would like to have all the time doesn't give us the right to rage at the employees where this happened to you. You need to explore anger management as it will make your world a nicer experience to these frustrations that are part of life.


I had the same issue of needing to pay with an additional card because my purchase was $513 and my avail credit was $500. I called them and split my payment NO problem- took about 5 mins.


These guys art thieffs. They keep adding charges to my bill.

They said they sent me a refund check now they want me to reimburse them for a refund check that I never got. Erica 0126 is Nasty


I am so tired of all the lies that keepcoming up on you wayfair u should just tell the truth. About everything u say


I was a happy customer until i paid my account off with community bank.And it was over 5000 i paid.I went back on it said available 5000 and i went to use my account it said it would not go through .I contacted them and its crazy.


Same thing happened to me. I decided to pay my remaining balance of $440 on september 5 of this year.

Tried to make a small purchase a few weeks later and it wouldnt go through. I've called them every week for a month now. They said they're having technical difficulties with the payment system and are aware of the problem and for me to try my purchase in a few days.... It never goes through.

I spoke to a supervisor named Chelsie last night and she said she would expedite my account to the payment department and I should have it fixed in 21 days!!!!

Are you serious? This is ridiculous!


Why not ask for a credit increase on the card? Jeeze...


Stop whining! It’s actualy pretty common to NOT be able to use 2 cards for one transaction, especially online!

@Rebecca G



I got a notice from my pay pal acct. for a $61.+cents on 9/12/20 for a purchase I did not make between facebook and wayfair someone tried to order and ship to a third party address wayfair has no knowage of it but I got an email mail from paypal that they tried. they can't be trusted.or at least there helpcant be.


Hum it’s 2018 and just how did you make a purchase so far in the future

@Sam m



In a world of INSTANT ( ALMOST ) ANYTHING !!! Can WE PLEASE remember that , this

isn't BURGER KING you CANT always have it your way!


!!!! PSA PSA: There are still things you may have to WAIT for ! Like the INCREDIBLY

CONVIENANT E- CARD that can be emailed vs.

mailed etc. And just bc you believe it

should arrive as quick as I.M. that you may have to hold ur breath for a day or 2 or so!!!

I mean WTF unless u hv been under a rock, those incredibly CONVIENANT gifts come with a VERIFICATION period to verify ur not paying with stolen / fraudulent funds etc...

And I would bet my britches, the annoyingly spoiled NOW NOW NOW complainer that is PISSED their very 1st ecard was delayed an annoying minute or 2... Would be the FIRST person laying out who DIDNT verify the details and a theiff was shopping on ur dime !!

Read the terms and until you establish a history and the amount etc.. you may be inconveniencd an extra millsecond or 2 !!!


Please use spellcheck!