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I purchased a bath tub from, the item price shown on order confirmation page was $20 more than what was quoted in the previous screen. I understand prices are subject to change, but i feel it is unethical to increase the price after the purchase button is clicked without any warning to the consumer.

The proper thing would have been to stop the purchase process and alert me of the increase in price. It seems like a bait and switch tactic, hoping that most customers would not notice such a minor increase in price, specially when the product costs more than a thousand dollars. Even on the confirmation screen had no text alerting me that the price charged was more than what I agreed to. Most customers would have not noticed the difference and would have chalked it up to taxes etc.

It was just pure luck that I noticed the difference and was able to call to get the amount credited back to my account.

The customer service agent was still able to see the old price when I called and could not explain why the item price on my order was $20 more. Wonder how many more customers out there have been charged small amounts more than quoted without their noticing.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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This is happening to me right now. Suddenly over $30 more for 2 bar stools. Definitely rethinking purchasing from a company that is basically trying to scam their customers.


same thing happened to me- price changed from the time I put it in the cart to the time I ordered it which is about 1 hour difference- I called and they said they can only price match if it goes back to the lower price after the order was made and not an hour before


I was going to buy a rug on sale for $78 but when I put it in the cart it went up to $175. I wrote them about prices changing at checkout, bug they have not responded. Too bad, I guess.


I continue to get the sale price sent via email;saying i left something in my cart!

The listed invoice price is 3x what the total +warrantee price is at Confirmation.

They have changed prices on same item so many times; I do not TRUST them

Has anyone Ordered by phone and retained the sale prices?


no, they expect not to get ripped off.


i purchased a sofa table and within a week and a half the price changed to $300 less than what i paid for it. the original price was even lower than the price i paid for it.

i feel totally ripped off. and what's even worse is that they list the table as a special order and can not be cancelled or returned.

i'm hoping it comes in damaged so that i can use that as an excuse to return it.


I have the same issue. Looking for an ottoman and price went from $319 to $519 while I was checking other Ottomans. Won't buy from here !!!


I've been shopping on their site a lot after moving into a new house, and this is their regular course of business. After you look around at different items, when you decide to purchase one, the price goes up.

It only goes up on the one you choose to purchase. They are cheating people regularly.


same thing just happened to me total scam


Same thing happened to me. This is not a systemic problem as professional retailers will verify price prior to charging. I will shop elsewhere in the future.


Same thing just happened to me! Buying various odds and ends that all increased by at least $5 on the conformation page.

VERY misleading. :(


WAYFAIR IS JUST A DROP SHIPPER! They lead you to think they have their own warehouse and stock.

Really they are just listing products from other suppliers. Often when ordering from them they call back and say the product is out of stock. Waste of time.

Buy off a real store with real stock. Not a databse of other stores.

@Wayfair ***ks

So true! I have been trying to find a certain Kohler toilet in a discontinued color.

Wayfair advertised it and when I called to see if they actually had it, I was told they did have it in their warehouse. So, I ordered the toilet and a seat (which was delivered in about a week) and was told that the toilet would take about 6 weeks. I got an e-mail 2 weeks later saying it was discontinued.

What a lousy way to do business! I will never order from them again.


With many thousands of products, updated daily, and pre caching pages to make browsing faster, etc., this sort of thing will happen from time to time. It isn't a systemic problem. Folks expect perfection I guess.


Are you an employee of theirs? Do some research next time. This happens too often to be a fluke.