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I bought 2 rugs from Wayfair--total cost was $134 with free shipping. The "jute backing" advertised on the website actually meant "no backing at all"--the rugs just slide all over my hardwood floors.

So, it was return time. Unfortunately, I've been spoiled by Cost of return shipping with Wayfair was $70.00--over HALF the cost of the products in the first place. Yes--Wayfair is going to zap you for all the shipping costs at their UPS prices.

Online retailers like Wayfair need to realize returns are part of the business when customers are buying products sight unseen. Yes, they'll lose money on some transactions; but, they'll stay in business because consumers will have confidence they're not just "gambling" on a product that may or may not suit their needs because they can return goods for no more than the cost of RETURN SHIPPING (but not the retailer's original shipping costs) if they're unsatisfied. Wayfair's customer service people took a "too bad/so sad" attitude.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They need to change or go bankrupt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Website.

Monetary Loss: $70.

  • Return Policy Ripoff
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I bought a chandelier found it for less than half price (hundreds of dollars) on Amazon. Cost of shipping back will be too much!


Bought a rug 12X 15 I did not like it, very poor material. return cost $500. Never buy anything at wayfair again.


I agree completely. My husband purchased a lampshade for a My husband purchased a shade from you for my birthday.

He took a chance on the lampshade. on the style, colour, shape but it didn't work. I personally don't shop at Wayfair because of your return policy. you might just as well donate the money to a good charity.

As "pissed off " noted the return costs are prohibitive. My husband didn't pay attention to this. He is a neophyte shopper. I will let my shopping friends know about it though.

This is not the way successful companies do business today. Wake up Wayfair...Marie Rokosh

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There is information about the return policy in the Wayfair FAQ page. Wayfair return policy states that you return your purcase within 30 days after the delivery.

There are also specfication and exceptions and you can read about them "Top Wayfair Questions". You can also contact Wayfair customer support by phone (844) 216-0165 or complete an online form on their website.

The BBB is looking into their deceptive ads, listings, as well,.....they show an item, the higher end item if there is a group or size, show the higher end, have the words sale, then when You put in cart, it's another price, and I have to return an item but it is damaged, I will probably just send Myself, as even though it was damaged, bought something similar, have 2 friends who have had REALLY bad experiences, I dis however like the 1st 2 things I got, I shoulda got Amazon C.C., as prices are much higher than expected.


Yup. Same deal here.

$100 rug - loved it, just didn't work right.

Return cost - $50. Wow.


no i would not


This has made me double think my purchase. I want to buy a rocker but since I can’t sit in it first, I better not buy it. Shop local I guess.


After reading this horrible return experience, I will NEVER purchase from Wayfair. I will only deal with Amazon.


A Jute rug will require a rug pad on a wood floor...not Wayfairs fault. Customer should have known that.


Whether or not the description was accurate, whether any purchaser was aware of what a jute rug required and regardless of what a customer "should have known", if this purchase had been made on Amazon as a "Prime" purchase, a free return would have been processed with a full refund and the purchaser could click any one of several "reason for return" checkboxes from a dropdown during the process. Wayfair doesn't understand who they're competing with (Amazon Prime) and their "let's see how much we can get away with charging the customer" approach to returns should be a warning to any future shopper.

I won't be one of those shoppers. If you want to gamble, best of luck to you!


Another unsatisfied customer ,misleading photo of product, very difficult return policy, high priced shipping costs, will never order from them again !!!


"Backing" is the material that holds the fibers of a rug together. You need a rug "pad"to prevent slipping and sliding.You really should make sure you fully understand something before posting unwarranted, bad reviews.


Fortunately, doesn't require buyers to do a research paper on rug backing or any other product feature in order to return it for something less than half the purchase price. Thank you for your rug expertise; however, the point of the review was that if a seller wants to do business online, customer satisfaction needs to be guaranteed since people--even us idiots who don't speak fluent "Rug-ese"--won't get to see the product in person until it arrives.

Amazon is the gold standard. Their return process is quick, painless, and mostly free. When there are charges for return shipping with Amazon, they're minimal. Competitors need to up their game to Amazon's level or go out of business.

As the person who posted the original review that started this thread 6 years ago, my comments stand. I didn't title the review "Wayfair-Crummy rug backing; I titled it "Wayfair - Return policy rip-off".


I bought a sideboard that was described as ivory and looked ivory in the picture. When it came it was yellow!!

£50 to return. I won’t be buying from there again either


I returned very poor quality bedspreads and was ripped off by $25.00. I will never do business with these people again. Quality extremely poor.


This is only if you demand money returned directly to your original form of payment that you have to pay small return shipping cost. And that is only if you simply dont like the item.

If something is acctually defective or mis- advertised then no refund fee and direct payment refund is issued.

I acctually had to pay for returns with Amazon on alot of occasions but not with Wayfair ever. Sorry you had this experience, because Wayfair has by far the best customer service.


That’s too bad. They let me keep the item and refunded me 100%


Why should you pay for return shipping when their description wasn't what they said it was? Sounds like it was false advertising to me.


Interesting. I bought a clock from wayfair that didn’t work. And they just told me to keep it and they refunded me.