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I bought 2 rugs from Wayfair--total cost was $134 with free shipping. The "jute backing" advertised on the website actually meant "no backing at all"--the rugs just slide all over my hardwood floors.

So, it was return time. Unfortunately, I've been spoiled by Amazon.com... Cost of return shipping with Wayfair was $70.00--over HALF the cost of the products in the first place. Yes--Wayfair is going to zap you for all the shipping costs at their UPS prices.

Online retailers like Wayfair need to realize returns are part of the business when customers are buying products sight unseen. Yes, they'll lose money on some transactions; but, they'll stay in business because consumers will have confidence they're not just "gambling" on a product that may or may not suit their needs because they can return goods for no more than the cost of RETURN SHIPPING (but not the retailer's original shipping costs) if they're unsatisfied. Wayfair's customer service people took a "too bad/so sad" attitude.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They need to change or go bankrupt.

Review about: Wayfair Website.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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"Backing" is the material that holds the fibers of a rug together. You need a rug "pad"to prevent slipping and sliding.You really should make sure you fully understand something before posting unwarranted, bad reviews.


I bought a sideboard that was described as ivory and looked ivory in the picture. When it came it was yellow!!

£50 to return. I won’t be buying from there again either


I returned very poor quality bedspreads and was ripped off by $25.00. I will never do business with these people again. Quality extremely poor.


This is only if you demand money returned directly to your original form of payment that you have to pay small return shipping cost. And that is only if you simply dont like the item.

If something is acctually defective or mis- advertised then no refund fee and direct payment refund is issued.

I acctually had to pay for returns with Amazon on alot of occasions but not with Wayfair ever. Sorry you had this experience, because Wayfair has by far the best customer service.


That’s too bad. They let me keep the item and refunded me 100%


Why should you pay for return shipping when their description wasn't what they said it was? Sounds like it was false advertising to me.


Interesting. I bought a clock from wayfair that didn’t work. And they just told me to keep it and they refunded me.

to Anissa #1436629

This was also my experience. I purchased a floating shelf and it wouldn't assemble correctly, so the told me to donate it or throw it out if I didn't want it.

And they gave me a full refund. Wayfair is definitely hit or miss, but I find customer service to be wonderful.


I agree 100% I'm about return a bed now to them & like you I was spoiled by Amazon but I think I may resort to returning on my own dime through USPS instead of paying over $40 to return a $200 bed. Thanks for this post as I just wanted to say I can relate & I also most likely will never order from them again...


Well jute backing is self explanatory? If you buy a heavy item it’s going to cost more to return that’s just the way it is.

Could you not have brought it to the post office and shipped it cheaper? ***


Thanks for sharing your experience has put me off completely from buying from wayfair


Did you ask for a credit with their company? Credits allow free shipping, and you can use them to purchase something else. That has been my experience.


Wish I’d read these before I bought!! Same experience here.


Ordered four dining chairs in Aug 2016 from Wayfair that arrived looking nothing like the picture on the website. Tried to contact the company about my dissatisfaction to no avail.

Return shipping would've cost as much as the chairs did, so I sold them at a garage sale. Have never bought from Wayfair again and will stick with Amazon from now on


Never will I order from wayfair again!!! Return policy sucks!!!


I just purchased and received a Christmas tree skirt. It does not resemble the description and is fraying something terribly.

But to return their defective merchandise I have to pay shipping costs. Never again will I buy from Wayfair.


DO NOT PURCHSE FROM WAYFAIR. I purchased 4 items from them and of those 4, 3 were all damaged.

They replace your broken item with a another replacement shipped to you ASAP. Second time around, BROKEN AGAIN. Their quality is terrible. They catch you with all these issues them when you are tired of these issues they want to charge you for the return.

NEVER ORDER HERE. THIS SITE IS TERRIBLE. the photos look great, thats where it gets you. Worst site to purchase form.

Also, DO NOT PURCHASE FROM JOSS AND MAIN. That is under the same company.

When one of my replacements was being place, they said they no longer carry that item on Joss and Main (since i purchased under that site), but they do have it under Wayfair.

They wanted me to be charged extra for the difference because it cost more on WayFair than Joss and Main. DO NOT PURCHASE AT THESE WEBSITES.


Thank you all for posting your experiences with returns at Wayfair. I was about to buy a sink online from them, but I have now reconsidered and going to Amazon instead. I dont mind paying a bit more on amazon if it means I have access to a better return policy.


Thank you all for your comments,

I just decided not to order from wayfare again.

I ordered a rug. Wrong color shipped

My son ordered patio furniture, wrong color should,

I’m beginning to suspect that anything is shipped rather than notifying the customer, knowing that the return costs are so absorbent, the customer will just keep, thereby making a sale.

They should pay return for incorrect product, I’m done with this company, and I do primarily online shopping these days, a lot of it!’ Their lost!!

to Lizziebella #1381645

Hi Lizziebella-- I'm the original poster from back in 2013. I don't know what state you live in and I certainly support your decision to never use Wayfair again.

As I said in my original post, Amazon.com is the gold standard and companies like Wayfair need to go away since they just aren't understanding the way of the online world as it exists in 2017. Frankly, I'm amazed Wayfair is still around. The message to the Wayfairs of the world is this: if you're going to play in the online game, you need to be as good as Amazon--including their return policy. If you're not, don't bother going into business.

My suggestion however, if you ever get an online retailer who won't give you free return shipping due to THEIR error (i.e., they send you the wrong color product or the wrong produce in general) is to sue them in your local small claims court or justice court as long as the value of your product is within the jurisdictional limits of those courts.

Before you order online from sellers other than Amazon, you can go to your state's corporation commission or its equivalent (I live in Arizona; we have a corporation commission). Find out if the company you're buying from is registered in your state and find out who their statutory agent is. Then, if they screw you over, sue `em.

In my state, attorney's can't appear in small claims court and a defendant (i.e., a seller like Wayfair) would have to hire an attorney to move the case to justice court where attorneys CAN appear. Most likely, the value of your claim will be less than the cost of the seller retaining an attorney to even get the case moved to a venue where an attorney can appear. The alternative for Wayfair (or whoever the seller is) would be to send one of their legally untrained company monkeys to your state court to represent their interests--something which is highly unlikely.

No, I'm not an attorney and I'm not giving legal advice; rather, I'm giving practical advise and urging you to research information in your own state. However, I know generally how the system works (I hire and direct attorneys in my job which involve civil litigation) and consumers oftentimes have a lot more options than they think they do with online retailers such as Wayfair.

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