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Ordered a clock from them. Two weeks later it arrives broken. I'm instructed to "throw it out" or "donate it" (?????) and they're sending a new one.

Cut to two weeks after that: Package arrives, delivery guy says he's concerned because, after a gentle shake of the box, it sounds like my clock is once again in pieces. He stays with me while I open it. DAMAGED WORSE THAN THE FIRST ONE. COME ON......

Called the company. They're up for sending a third one. WHY NOT, RIGHT? They'll refund the shipping! Yippieee!

I've been told that the manufacturer will "do their best" at packing it better. Heck, maybe, MAYBE, put a fragile sticker on it.

The WayFair customer service are friendly, I'll give them that, but not very helpful. Tried giving me the ol' "Don't blame us, we're not the shipping company" routine. (WHAT? SERIOUSLY? CAN I CHOOSE MY OWN SHIPPING COMPANY THEN? NO? GREAT.)

I've never heard of this shipping company "Bilsi," but it sounds like an Italian soda, and I'm sure this is the training video used for employees: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Q6_9A90cUk

So I'm giving them one last chance-- Well, I wouldn't call it a "last chance," since I will not be using this company again.

But let's hope that they can redeem themselves, right, folks? Third times the charm? Adorable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Shipping Service.

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