San Francisco, California

I bought this nice-looking furniture from and it was severely damaged when delivered to our home. The frame of bottom shelf was so badly twisted that the board was out of the frame and gravely split into two pieces.

Two wheels were missing (there should be four total). I kept (and still am) wondering whether this shopping experience really was a joke or not. I immediately requested to return the item. Wayfair refunded our money but failed to take this junk back to their warehouse.

We had to keep this useless item in our home for three weeks, hoping someone from Wayfair would come to take this broken furniture. Nobody showed up.

So we finally had to pay someone else to throw this trash away. What an inconvenience!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I bought a kitchen hutch for $600 from Wayfair and it was junk. Unstable, poor quality, and broken.

I called Wayfair to send it back and they said just keep it. So I had to pay to get rid of it.

But they did refund my money. Won't buy from them again.



Everything they show in the TV commercial looks like junk only a *** would buy!