I ordered a dining room table for a Thanksgiving family reunion last year. I waited on the delivery date and the next day - also after the phone call from the truck driver - and the table was never delivered.

I called the company and the trucking service. Neither knew what happened. When I tried to cancel my order I was offered 50% off another table. Of course I took it.

The second time the same thing happened and so I canceled it altogether. This had also meant traveling to my second home twice to wait all day and night. The third time I ordered a craft table from Birch Lane. The incentive was a 20% discount for first time shoppers.

After waiting a month passed the delivery date, I was told the table arrived at their destination damaged and I could either have that delivered and see if I could live with it, request another one or get my money back. I opted for the third alternative. I had an email from them and discovered it was Wayfair under a different name! Also, Wayfair's headquarters is located in the city where I live so I hand delivered to the co-presidents a letter outlining my experiences.

I never received even a form letter from them. A friend's boyfriend who works for them said they don't care about the "little people" because their money is from corporations.

I also heard it is difficult to have one's account credited so I will be checking. I would never deal with them again and tell everyone I know.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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