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I received my Clique headboard on June 30, 2016. It was delivered to my home in San Diego, and judging from the quick delivery I believe it came from a warehouse in Southern Cal, maybe even San Diego.

I installed the headboard, and the next day woke up with a couple of bug bites. Didn't think much of it. The following morning I was covered i n bites, and found a tiny bed bug on crawling on my stomach. Went to urgent care on July 4th (yesterday) and they verified it was bed bugs - so my wife and I spent all of July 4th ripping the mattresses off, spending about $200 on insecticides, mattress covers, etc., spraying poison through out our bedroom, and washing everything in hot water, drying on extra high heat.

Wasted holiday. I called Wayfair this morning and complained, they instantly said no problem, they'll refund my money. I think Wayfair knows of this problem, as they didn't seem surprised.

Now I am just praying that we nipped it in the bud and don't have to hire a exterminator, etc. Going to report this to the State as well, since an online complany is essentially spreading bed bugs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Headboard.

Reason of review: Bed Bugs!.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Pay me for the cleaning products that I had to purchase to get rid of the bed bugs.

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Just discovered my headboard from Wayfair had them inside


It just happened to me today! My daughter was full of bed bugs! Wayfair needs to do something about this!


Class action lawyers are investigating this very issue. Check out


I had the SAME experience. We had to toss out two adjustable beds, and couldn't afford to buy adjustables again. My sleep sucks now.


Omg! Thankyou to those who took the time to post their experience.

I almost bought an upholstered headboard! Not now!


Honestly it doesnt matter who was selling it! I wont buy one anywhere now


To everyone attempting to blame Wayfair they are NOT responsible if the headboard has bugs in it. It would be the manufacturers fault NOT Wayfairs since they are a drop ship company.

They don’t handle merchandise. They often have the exact same items from different manufacturers so you need to go after the actual manufacturer. Figure out who the manufacturer is and go after them. I can’t believe in 2019 this has to be explained.

The same items they sell on Wayfair they also sell on Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Sears websites. NONE of them have the items in stock they simply drop ship. Go after the manufacturer NOT Wayfair if you want justice.

That’s the reason all they can do is return your money and they have already stopped selling at least one of the headboards in the comments. They can’t do anything else because they aren’t responsible if the manufacturer is doing things illegally.


Mayfair sold the product, Mayfair needs to get on with the manufacturer not the customer.


Wayfair IS responsible to go after manufacturer as they are the ones that deal with them, not the customer, no if, its, or buts....Wayfairs responsibility, geez, cant believe in 2019 you have to explain that!


Says the girl who doesn’t have bed bugs in their home. Wayfair is 100% responsible!

They have my money. They choose manufacturers, safety protocols, etc. The truck was an old moving truck.

Another factor. Please don’t make stupid comments unless you’ve dealt with.


I got my first order from Wayfair recently, a China cabinet. Has anyone had problems with wood furniture?

@First Timer

I haven’t but without the manufacturer there is no way to determine the quality of the merchandise. Wayfair is strictly a drop ship company.

They don’t make the items nor do they ever take hold of the merchandise. They have items that are all different quality.

You may have purchased something good or something cheap but without knowing who made the item then you won’t know if the furniture is quality or not. So look at the manufacturer and then look up whether they have problems with their wood furniture or not.


Same happen to my son and myself in two separate homes same thing. Disgusted and a fight to even get money back. Two grey fabric head boards as well as I’ve read of others and a couch.


STILL happening!! My friend also just purchased a grey fabric headboard from Wayfair that arrived with a horrific bedbug infestation, at the end of August, 2018!

It has cost him hundreds & hundreds of dollars & SO MUCH of his time & ALL of his sleep. I can NOT believe I am reading how long this has been going on!!

And they continue to infest more & more homes. They should be shut down!


It’s not Wayfairs fault. They don’t hold merchandise.

They are a drop ship company. Figure out the actual manufacturer or distributor because if something began in the headboard then it’s their fault.

Wayfair doesn’t even sell one of the headboards anymore that some were complaining of. They stopped so not sure when your friend got the headboard but they need to figure out who made it since it would be their fault.


I think Jennifer works for wayfair she is commenting on everyone’s post defending them


Ridiculous and disgusting


Obviously, she's copying and pasting, she does work for them and keeps on about manufacturer being responsible. Wayfair uses that manufacturer, wayfair is responsible and should, by now, have stopped using that manufacturer by now that's selling that particular piece of furniture!

Wayfair obviously is not taking this seriously, and should and should care about their customers. I always was hesitant about buying furniture through Wayfair, hmmm!


I’d like to drop ship Jennifer.


You obviously are an employee. Bought a bed two weeks ago to now having bed bugs.

Please be quiet!!!

This is ridiculous customers have to deal with. Wayfair is only one to blame!