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I received my Clique headboard on June 30, 2016. It was delivered to my home in San Diego, and judging from the quick delivery I believe it came from a warehouse in Southern Cal, maybe even San Diego.

I installed the headboard, and the next day woke up with a couple of bug bites. Didn't think much of it. The following morning I was covered i n bites, and found a tiny bed bug on crawling on my stomach. Went to urgent care on July 4th (yesterday) and they verified it was bed bugs - so my wife and I spent all of July 4th ripping the mattresses off, spending about $200 on insecticides, mattress covers, etc., spraying poison through out our bedroom, and washing everything in hot water, drying on extra high heat.

Wasted holiday. I called Wayfair this morning and complained, they instantly said no problem, they'll refund my money. I think Wayfair knows of this problem, as they didn't seem surprised.

Now I am just praying that we nipped it in the bud and don't have to hire a exterminator, etc. Going to report this to the State as well, since an online complany is essentially spreading bed bugs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Headboard.

Reason of review: Bed Bugs!.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Pay me for the cleaning products that I had to purchase to get rid of the bed bugs.

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Oh no, I purchased a headboard for my parents after getting rid of some bedding and noticed bedbugs. I wasn't sure about what they were but I see them more and more now...

I'm washing everything and buying spray!

What a pain!!! They never had these before and their bedding was old.


Won't work. You'll have to do a lot more than that to get rid of the little buggers.


We received a rug this past week and I think we may have bed bugs from it.


I believe I got bed bugs from a rug I got from Wayfair too. I think it's their warehouse.


That is some terrifying *** I will never order anything dealing with upholstery from Wayfair after reading this review. I've know people with bed bugs and I've heard about bed bugs and I've always been terrified of having bed bugs in my bed or in my room or in my house period.

It's quite frightening because they're so hard to get rid of from my understanding and you have to get it professionally exterminated at least a couple of times and by taking other actions as the couple did but why go through all of that... I just rather order nothing dealing with upholstery from Wayfair's Warehouse.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through that ordeal dealing with bed bugs. Nothing like getting bit up in the middle of night to disturb your sleep!


It’s NOT WAYFAIRS FAULT! They don’t have merchandise.

They are a drop ship company. If there is a problem with the merchandise then all they can do is refund the money but complaints need to be directed to the manufacturer. It would be like saying EBay or Amazon is responsible for the problems their sellers cause. They are no different.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on items, including headboards and sofas and NEVER had an issue with them. They are wonderful but you have to purchase quality items or you will get what you pay for. Don’t buy *** items and you won’t have a problem.

Wayfair sells some cheap items and they sell some items that are more expensive because they have many manufacturers. When buying just look up the quality of the item by checking the manufacturer NOT Wayfair because that’s how you will determine what you are getting.


Sorry Jennifer, but you are so wrong. It's not up to the customer.

It's up to Wayfair. They know who this manufacturer is and THEY need to stop using that manufacturer. Why won't they? Why are they not listening to their customers?

Why dont they care. People are ordering items through Wayfair so Wayfair is responsible. You always go directly to the company you give your credit card or payment information to when there is a problem. No company that I ever did business with pushed me aside and had some lady tell me to find out who the manufacturer is and deal with them.

Like Amazon, you go directly to them and no questions asked well a bit of a reason why you are returning. They dont tell you to deal with manufacturer who may be in China. Come on, stop playing games and defending Wayfair. I hope they pay you good money!!!!

They should be satisfying THEIR customers, not pushing them aside with such a serious situation as big bites.

I would sue if I were these people dealing with bug bites. So awful!


This happened to me!! From Wayfair headboard!!


No it happened to you from the manufacturers headboard since Wayfair doesn’t have furniture. They are a drop shipper.

Figure out who the manufacturer is and contact or review them.

Wayfair is equivalent to EBay as in they only ship what other companies sell. They dont make furniture.


Jennifer everyone knows they dont make the furniture. It is Wayfairs responsibility as they still haven't stopped using this particular manufacturer, they know who the manufacturer is and they should stop using them and they, meaning Wayfair, is responsible!

Stop using that manufacturer. Geez, I cant believe in 2019 Wayfair needs to be told this!


OMG! I had the same thing happen to me!

I bought a headboard from Wayfair, and a few weeks later, found bedbugs in my bed and they were crawling in and out of the headboard! Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as this person, I had to have my whole apartment treated - multiple times and it was a high stress nightmare! It has been over a year, and I am still traumatized by this experience. I did not contact the company at the time, I just threw the headboard out.

Since then, I have been paranoid about purchasing anything like that on the internet, especially from Wayfair. You have to check all cardboard boxes and packages that come into your place, cause you don't know where they are coming from and if they might be infested.

@K. Poetzsch2018

I feel your pain and I am very sorry. Mine was in October and until this weekend, I have been sleeping in the couch in the living room.

Even with it being bombed, I would not sleep in there.

I spent hours this weekend vacuuming, scrubbing and steam cleaning and I think I may be ready to put my new bed in there. I honestly just want to sell the house.


I ordered two upholstered headboards one delivered to CO and one to NY SAME BED BOTH HAD BED BUGS AND WAYFAIR WANTS UNREASONABLE DOCUMENTATION I GAVE UP. OUT A $1000 because I threw beds away. THEY WILL NOT REFUND ME MY MONEY.

@Kimberly 3371

I just had the same issue. Please email me at

I think if we all get together we could have a class action suit. I have contacted a lawyer and I am currently dealing with Wayfair.


Did anything come of us?


That is what all of you should do. Sue them, I would.

Get together, and do this. Dont back down or it will never stop. Obviously Wayfair hasn't stopped using this manufacturer and doesn't care about their customers.

I would make sure you get everyone in on this that's going through this. Good for you for standing your ground.


I wish I could put pictures up in here but if they don't give me my money back and pay for my mattress and box spring. I'm taking it to the news these things been eating me alive.


This also happened to me. I purchased an upholstered headboard from Wayfair in June 2017, by Mid-August we were noticing trails of bites on us.

I live in a brand new home, and have never had bed bugs before. I thought they were mosquito bites until I saw a bug crawling on my sheets. Snapped a photo and confirmed it was a bed bug. Horrified, I googled everything about them and looked around my bed to find the problem - looked in all the "typical" hiding places with no sign of the bugs...

until I checked the headboard. We immediately destroyed and disposed of it and called Wayfair. The customer relations manager did not seem one bit surprised, and even knew the bed bug protocol off the top of her head, and issued me a refund immediately. My question is - what about the money and time that I spent eradicating the problem?

I will never purchase from Wayfair again, and I hope this helps anyone who is considering it. Please shop elsewhere!!


I just had the same issue. Please email me at

I think if we all get together we could have a class action suit. I have contacted a lawyer.


This happened to me as well. Received mine about mid July (shipped to Canada) and assembled it 2 weeks later.

Woke up with rashes and what looked like welts (and would later look like tiny *** marks). Went to the clinic instantly and they were unsure what it was but advised that it might be due to an allergic reaction since I'd just gotten a vaccination a couple of days prior. Another thing I'm pissed about because how did they not know? I've never had bed bugs before so that's the last thing I would have ever thought of.

They gave me 20 pills to take once a day until I no longer showed signs of the "reaction". I imagine that since they were antihistamines whenever I got new bites, I did not notice. It was only after I stopped taking these pills and kept noticing these bumbs that I thought maybe they were bug bites. Basically tore my bed apart analysing my mattress and found nothing.

I kept on onsessively tearing my room apart and cleaning it and it was only about 3 weeks later, that after doing a clean, I saw something crawling on the wall and yup it was a bed bug. Never thought they would have come with the bed frame but now it all makes sense. I'm beyond frustrated.

What a waste of money. Mine was the mariabella bed frame.