Nome, Alaska
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I went to order some under-bed storage solutions which were priced really well. When I placed the first item in my cart I noticed that the price wasn't what it should have been, but figured it was showing the non-sale price.

Anyway, I put two more things in my cart totaling $54.and some change. Imagine my surprise when the total bill was $145.00!!! Yep, $90 in shipping costs! I live in Rural Alaska, but the fact is that the shipping to here is exactly the same as to anywhere in the lower 48.

Amazon does free shipping. Wayfair totally lies in their commercials when they say shipping is free.

They are a rip off. I will never shop with them.

Reason of review: Shipping Charges.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wayfair Cons: Shipping charges.

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Alaskan here an Yes, it's BS,the price to ship is more then the actual product,. I could understand the price would be expected to be high shipping to Hawaii it's an island, but to Alaska they can ship ground just go through Canada,. wtf that's what Amazon does they don't charge that much for there shipping so booooo wafair!


I live in Alaska and I know how much it sucks. The reason most shipping to Alaska or Hawaii is more because most items to Alaska have to be barged, and all items to Hawaii have to be barged, which costs a bit.

I hate the fact that that is how it is, but it is only because it is harder to get to some locations. Either stop ***, or move to the lower 48.


Ur right...Wayfair sucks because they treat Alaskans like aliens. You advertise free shipping then charge us 30% -40% more to ship to this part of the U.S.

excuse me ...Hawaii and Alaska are part of the USA. Guess the Wayfair folks flunked geography and U.S History!


I also live in alaska. I am very familiar with being gouged for shipping.

Companies would do well to include Alaska and Hawaii in their free shipping, because they are losing business two places that do. Here is a link to tons of companies that have free shipping to Alaska.


Thanks, I have run into that many times with other sites too. "Free shipping within the continental US"....

Then they won't ship to Alaska. What continent do they think we are a part of?