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I have never and will never shop at Wayfair because their commercials are irritating!!! I can't stand it!

The dancing (horribly I might add), the stupid facial expressions, the jingle and of course the 'drop the mic'. No one likes these. It is almost as if they KNOW they are irritating people so they make the new commercials more annoying than the last! If Wayfair wants more business they need to stop it.

Instead of dropping the mic why don't you drop the millennials or who ever it is that is making your commercials. Trust me.

They are terrible! Now I am 'dropping the mic'!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Oh how I loathe their commercials, and you are spot on about the dancing. Especially the guy who does that fast little dance then a big "here it is" gesture to the damn table he just got.

What a geek.

The guys who invented Wayfair are the biggest dweebs out there. Rich dweebs, I might say.


Please please do away with the commercial where a woman is singing a long-winded bunch of words that I can't even make out what the heck she is saying. It's not selling me at all.


Why does who taunts her husband about the jingle is awful.


I just stumbled on this site after seeing one of the nausiating WAYFAIR commercials. My remote LAST VIEWED button is being worn out switching to another channel to avoid their horrid commercials.

After seeing on of the commercials over and over and over (etc) I want to smack the guy who looks at his Googling phone and says, "WAYFAIR has free shipping. Gamechanger". Hasn't he learned anything from the flooded WAYFAIR commercials? Additionally, the NutriSystem ads with "Marie" might be worse.

Why are they worse? If you don't know then it's too late for you. Seek help. Please.

Sorry for my bias, but the horrendous ads on TV now are wearing me down.

PS The "LAST VIEWED" and "MUTE" buttons on my remote have become two of my best friends. :))


My thoughts exactly. I change the channel when it comes on.

Don’t know which commercial is more irritating.....this one or Marie from Nutra System.

To think they actually pay someone to come up with this stupidity. Sad, sad, sad.


Who are the brainiacs who looked at that finished product and said Wow! This is a great commercial!

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