Audubon, New Jersey

I want to give 5 stars to the customer service of Wayfair. The Bello TV Stand came damaged from the FedEx delivery.

One piece was broken and the unit could not be assembled. The top board that is visible was dented and damaged at the very front on four spots. It looked ugly and diminished the whole effect of this classy nice looking upscale furniture for the living room. If it was in the back where it could be hidden, I was probably going to live with that, but it was at the very front and the board was severely dented.

Therefore, I filled the online form for damaged product and requested a replacement. Wayfair sent me an email next day that they will ship another one and that they don't need me to ship the broken one back to them. The second one came a week later and again it was dented and broken at couple of places. Again, I want to say that this is due to the negligent shipping and handling on FedEx part and Wayfair needs to file a claim with them.

My daughter was at home when they delivered the package and she told me she witnessed the FedEx clerk throw the heavy package on the staircase in front of our house. As I said, the second one was broken as well, but between the two broken tv stands my husband was able to build one that is ok. He took some parts from the one, and some parts from the other that are not so dented. At the end we have a pretty decent tv stand in our living room.

There is still one spot - the front left corner of the stand is bent and broken, we tried coloring it with brown marker so the dent is not so obvious. Again, I am giving 5 starts to Wayfair and their customer service for owning it. My husband is handy so he was able to make from two broken pieces of furniture one working. The issue is with the FedEx shipping and how they handle the shipments.

I wanted to order from Wayfair a glass top coffee table to compliment my tv stand in the living room but I am very hesitant to do that from my recent experience, as I think this glass table no matter how well packed, it will come broken as well. There is no way the glass of the coffee table will make it as this heavy solid wood tv stand did not make it.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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