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Wayfair is a rip off. Their adds talk about their great prices (BS) when in fact they are way over priced.

I contacted them about this. A mirror I almost ordered was 203.99. The exact same brand mirror at 3 different local stores was $59.99 to $69.99. Wayfair said they go by the suggested list price and do not compete with the local stores.

I looked at some of the other items and found that everything I looked at on their site could be found somewhere else for in most cases 25% or less than Wayfairs price. I believe the local store is selling at a 100% markup. Which means Wayfair's mark up must be about 600%. So yes they don't compete with anyone.

The only way they can stay in business is for people to not shop around.

If people shop around they will find that Wayfair is the most expensive place to buy anything. Run don't walk away from their site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mirror.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Close the doors and shut down the site.

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They are currently selling holiday pillows for 50-60 dollars and that’s after a 40-50% discount!? I’m so confused as to why anyone would shop here?

These pillows maybe should retail 60-70 for a quality pillow then go one a large discount after Christmas!

So confusing! Go to Home Sense etc and see true value!


I ordered what was listed as a cabinet and they only had 5 left so needed to order if I wanted it. The brand name on the product was Three Posts and was listed as Lamantia - I shopped around and thought I had the best price for the item.

Turns out this is actually a Sauder product listed in their Edge Water Collection and can be found listed as a Utility Cart in the Auburn Cherry. K-Mart, Walmart, Amazon, Sears, and Hayneedle all had much lower prices. I called customer service and they confirmed it was a Sauder brand but they changed it for marketing purposes. Had I had the real brand name I would never have ordered this from Wayfair.

Wayfair will not price match from other stores, only if their price is reduced. Last time I order from them for sure!