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I ordered a desk from Wayfair before Christmas and got free shipping. their web site said they had 4 in stock and it would be delivered between Dec 27 and January 4.

Checiked the site again at the end of December and delivery was now scheduled for Jan 16. They also still had 4 in stock. Called to complain because I could have ordered elsewhere with earlier delivery. Was told that they shut down their warehouse and that was the reason for the delay.

Really??? Don't all vendors shut down for Christmas? After all, who could be busy selling anything at that time of year? Especially the warehouses in China where the desk is from.

So they offer to deliver it to my door for free (usually charges for this). So I say good because I won't be home when it is delivered since it will be late and I don't want it sitting by the street and since it weighs 129 pounds I would be the only one in the family who could get it inot the house. So then Customer Service says it weighs 258 pounds. I tell her that the web site says 129 and she says that there are 2 boxes.

I said I only ordered one desk. She says well you are getting two boxes. Somehow a second order was created that I didn't know about. They took the second desk back and refunded all but $100.

I called to get that $100 back and they treated me completely inappropriately. They said I should have know that there were 2 orders and that they had no indication that I only ordered one desk. I explained that when I said I only ordered one that should have clued them in to the fact that there should have only been one order. They also didn't tell me they were charging me $100 for the return shipping.

Bottom line for me: They didn't have desks "in stock." The missed their ship date by more than 2 weeks. Their service is incompetent for not recognizing the double order. Communication with these people is poor for not understanding what I told them and for not telling me what they were going to do. And their attitude was not one of putting the customer first.

I wouldn't shop there again and suggest you think about it really hard before giving them your business. Amazon does a much better job with customers, shipping and returns and doesn't treat you like you don't matter.

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WARNING! Do not buy from

The service is miserable.

Buy from ebay and amazon. This company is notorious for treating customers poorly and not following through on promises for service or returns.


Wayfair has a way of changing their customer service to "fit their needs". I ordered what was supposed to be a bedroom vanity "bundle set with chair and mirror".

When I didn't receive the mirror I contacted Wayfair, thinking it was a just accidentally not included in the carton. They informed me the mirror (which was clearly in the picture in shown on Amazon) would cost an additional $229.00 + shipping. Whoever heard of a bedroom vanity set without a mirror??? This is a very cheaply made set to begin with, and I found that an outrageous price, especially since it should have been included to begin with.

I found the exact same mirror from a Los Angeles company, made by the same company (Acme furniture), for $39.00 plus $14.99 shipping, which I received within a week. I got all kinds of wishy-washy emails from Wayfair telling me each company basically sets its own prices. $229.00 for a mirror for a vanity set that cost less than $500.00 to begin with??? Really???

Beware of this company and its deceptive practices. I am still trying to file a complaint with Amazon (which seems somewhat difficult) about Wayfair's deceptiveness. They should not be allowed to sell on Amazon. This is the very first order, out of dozens, from Amazon that I have had a problem with.

RUN, DON'T WALK, AWAY FROM ANY PURCHASE FROM WAYFAIR. They are a rip-off company!!!!

AS AN ADDENDUM: In addition to the shipping charges, I had to pay the trucker $35.00 to take the huge, heavy carton off the truck and place it on my patio. He was a nice guy, and would have brought it into my house, but i declined the offer.

Otherwise, I would have had to get the thing off the truck somehow by myself. I am a 57 year old widow!!!


Charged my card for an item they new was out of stock. Was told I should be refunded in 2-3 days.

Emailed customer service to find out why I was charged for something that was not available and never received a response. Terrible service , unethical practices.


Before ordering a coffee table I checked a particular day was available for delivery and was assured it was before placing order. I was told it was possible to track delivery.

Nothing was updated on account delivery-wise so I called up, only to learn they did not honour the agreed date of delivery. Luckily I realised early on it day its not even left the warehouse. Now I must put delivery on hold for further 1-2 weeks because of heavy work commitments.

Guy on phone could only apologise but did very little to help. Nowhere specific to complain to either.

Absolutely disgraceful!DONT USE!


:) Had a similar experience bro... Good luck to you.

Thanks for spreading the word. This stuff just isnt right.


We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you have experienced. Please give us a call at 1-877-WAYFAIR and ask to speak with Lauren M. so that we may look into this for you.

Thank you!

@Lauren M. @ Wayfair

Yea like that helps sure didn't do anything to resolve my problem. I ordered a bathroom faucet from wayfair was told it would be here in 3 days.

received a text telling me it would not be shipped on the third day and it would not arrive for 6 days later. I called and said it was unexceptable. This part is for a rental property we own and my tenet was out of a bathroom because of this part. They said if I paid an extra 35.00 dollars I could have it overnighted.

Considering the circumstances I agreed paid the extra money. Well I got an email saying my order shipped early on the 5th. Since I paid for overnight should have been here the sixth no didn't come for another 5 days. When I called they said that one they don't count weekends and 2 the aren't sure why it wasn't shipped overnight like I paid for.

They said they could change anything now. I said fine then refund the extra money I spent to have it overnighted. They said they would but I have seen nothing yet. Not only did this cause me money by having to reschedule worker to install it and get the bathroom up and running I also lost a good renter who didn't want to continue living in a house with no bathroom.

(cant blain him).

Stay away from this company they lie, cheat, do anything they can to get your money then they don't care about anything else. Please Stay away from this company YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DONT.