Pleasanton, California

I ordered a recliner. It was supposed to ship in 3 weeks, arrive at my door in 4 weeks.

On the intended ship date, I was notified that it was backordered and would ship a week later. When I called the day after it was supposed to ship out, they told me it would ship out the next day. When I called two days later, they said it was en route to their warehouse, would ship out in two days. I called again, they said it was in the warehouse, they were waiting because the shipper never showed up, and they would change shipping companies and get back to me the next day.

The next day I got an email saying it would not ship for another two weeks and would be delivered two weeks after that. I called, and the customer service person again called the warehouse, found out that in fact it had NOT been in the warehouse for the past 8 days as they had been saying, but was still backordered at the manufacturer! So I cancelled the order, and they promptly refunded the money which they had been holding for well over a month. The customer service people that I called were either lying or being lied to by the warehouse people, I do not know which.

Either way, the fact that they CHARGE the credit card immediately, then HOLD THAT MONEY FOR MONTHS ON END is (a) inexcusable and (b) illegal. I used to own a small business. You can charge a DEPOSIT on an order, and process it immediately.

But you cannot charge the full amount unless you plan to ship the product within three days. Under no circumstances would I ever order anything from them again regardless of their TV ads!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Credit Card.

  • Fake delivery promises
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They do not hold money for months on end. I can show where they ONLY held $800+, and after 7 days it was refunded back because it wasn't shipped.

Then, it took nearly a month to for them to take it back, and they only bill for it once your order has been shipped. Also, before you dare say I'm on their side, they just screwed up my largest order yet, and sent me two different parts to a sectional. I have a mismatched sofa, and I'm out a couch for now.

Yet, some reviews here only serve to settle a grudge for the author. People will lie about the smallest details to boost their complaints when it's not even necessary.


Thank you for the review I was going to purchase a side table but not anymore.