Jackson, Mississippi

I have ordered from Wayfair many times, and often had Wayfair ship & sell when I ordered from other huge retailers. I have never had a complaint that was not handled in a speedy and professional manner.

Customer service ranks high on the list of trying to please the consumer from items that arrived broken to needing some warranty on a previously purchased item.

This is my "go to" place to shop online, and most often the best price is offered from Wayfair versus other retailers for the same item(s). If you have not tried this online retailer you have missed a wonderful experience, in this old lady's opinion.

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I have been charged international shipping when the warehouse is in australia and so am I.


I have ordered many products from Wayfair. I am happy with the products, and the experience.

I have no vested interest in the company. Did have to deal with customer service twice on issues that were the shipper's 'fault'.

I easily returned one item I did not like. I received good customer service from Wayfair.




Sorry, Wayfair, you cant fool all of the people all of the time. Wouldnt it be easier to actually run a fair business instead of spending your time writing these fake reviews?


Yea makes sense that you'd be posting a "delightful" review on a site called @pissed customer. Let me guess, you just may work for one of those internet reputation sites?

If you're going to go against what the whole site is (It's a way to share your awful experiences without fear of being deleted like what usually happens if you leave a negative comment on wayfair.com.) don't do it as anonymous cause then you seem like reputation defender. I'll give you a taste of never knowing who it is you're supposed to be listening to.