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I want you to know how disappointed & disgusted we are over your dropping Laura Ingraham's show as an advertiser because of David Hogg, Parkland student. Perhaps you can put aside your emotions to pay attention to what this disrespectful brat has been doing!

I suggest you google him & read up on the numerous discrepancies he tells every day. In one interview he was hiding in the closet fearing for his life at the school. Another interview, he was at home and rode his bike 3 miles to the school. One interview 3 of his sisters friends were shot, another it was 4, another it was 2.

He wasn't even there & he didnt know any of the victims but he is using this tragedy for his 15 min of fame! That foul mouth brat drops the F bomb every 5 seconds in interviews, totally disrespected Sen Rubio, bragged about hanging up on the President, referred to adults as "Old *** Parents". He says some of the most vile disgusting things & goes after everyone's advertisers bcuz ur all weak & if you hit back, you're picking on children. I am done with your company and my friends & I all are posting on our Facebook & Twitter & hope will encourage everyone we know to boycott Wayfair.

Grow a spine & stop letting these fould mouth kids influence you.

One of them talked about how he would like to hit every Republican, smash phone in the faces of anyone who mentions God and one admitted to bullying the shooter. They are using this shooting as attention and you're disgusting as they are because you're a coward and buckle when someone tells you too.

Reason of review: Pissed off because you caved and withdrew as an advertiser on Laura Ingraham's show on Fox.

Wayfair Pros: Cant stand you all and will tell all my friencd.

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Anonymous, you are a pissant child with a rude intolerant attitude toward the elderly. Your lack of respect for elders is a clear sign of your sad and unmanaged rearing.

Old people at iHop are how we got to be where we are. I’m not old but I am a former Wayfair buyer. I too dropped them for the same reason.

Because I can’t stand disrespectful youth who think they know everything but couldn’t fill a thimble with relevant information. So buhbye to you anonymous who didn’t want the world to know her name is Felecia!


Buh Bye....."Cant stand you all and will tell all my friencd."Your friends, like you who peaked 30-40 years ago are going the way of the dodo. Who cares if you and the people who take up a seat at the IHOP for 2 hours every Thursday quit this company.


Yay for Wayfair!