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Can ALL THE CREDIT CARD COMPLAINERS ( who had NO qualms about applying - buying ) those incredibly annoying "TERMS & CONDITIONS" actually have a meaningful purpose and despite popular belief ( or despite all the COMPLAINERS who didn't bother reading it fully ) there wasn't anyone but ur own little devil making u get it !! If u don't follow specific requirements or terms ..

or couldn't be bothered to FULLY READ - FULLY RESEARCH ( CALL ASK QUESTIONS ETC...) Then the only party blame is YOU YOU YOU ! And in the case where you did ur part and an error was made ( SURPRISE!! THE COMPANY IS OPRRATED BY HUMAN BEINGS AND CONTRARY TO RUMORS , COMPUTERS ARENT PERFECT EITHER ). You may have to be bothered at some point or 2 !

I mean unless you can offer infinite proof of your perfection while ruling from ur golden high horse.. *** miserable jackoff !

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