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I was purchasing two bedside tables for roughly $700. and planned to use my debit card.

When I was checking out, it popped up that if I paid with my pre-approved Wayfair card, there would be zero interest if paid in full within a year. A free loan? Sure. I took the bait.

Immediately went online and set up an auto debit that would have it paid in full in 11 months so as not to get any interest. Fast forward to second bill, there's interest. Contacted customer service and they say, oh, so sorry, there's no promotional plan on your account. Of course I didn't screen shot all of the pop-ups I saw.

Oh well. Will be paying off and closing account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wayfair Deal.

Reason of review: bad faith advertising .

Preferred solution: apply promotional zero interest to the initial purchase or I will close account and no longer charge any Joss & Main or Wayfair purchases.

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Same happend to me. This needs to be reported somwhere for investigation and class action should be filed.


This exact same thing happened to me on a 2,000 purchase. I called when I received the first statement showing interest.

My appeal was denied, citing that I was 60 days past the dispute window.

Wayfair started the 60 day window with the first statement sent, which did not show an interest charge because of the grace period for new purchases. The credit card company supervisor at Comenity claims that there is nothing that can be done through them.

@Tracy Hibbard

I am currently fighting this myself. I called on 8/27 when I realized the mistake.

The purchase was 6.12, first statement was 6.24 (with NOTHING to indicate an issue). When I disputed I was promised they could fix it - now the card can't do squat. I am currently in the process of canceling ALL commenity cards and am looking to file consumer claims against both companies.

As a customer I purchased $2K in furniture in good faith ON my card (that I have had for 2/3 years) that I had the 18 months no interest (this is what the site told me at purchase). It is not a customer's fault wayfair and the card do not talk and have screwed things up.


Same happened to me. I accepted the 12 month no interest offer as I do with many large purchases.

I didn’t need a high interest credit card.

When I noticed the monthly interest showing up I contacted both Wayfair and Comenity expecting a quick resolution. Ha ha ha, when I finally reached the bottom of the rabbit hole I learned “there is no promotional financing on your account.” Thanks for nothing you *** ripoff MFs!


I had this deal but made sure it was added on from the very beginning. There is a section that shows on your statement every month that gives you payoff info and the date you need to pay by in order to continue the 0% interest. I'm closing my account for a separate reason, but I'm not surprised that happened to you as sad as that sounds.